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Back and Better Than Ever

We have worked with many of you over the years as Cambridge Connections and then we transitioned to GFC Consulting.

To better embrace our expanding portfolio, we are once again independent and under new ownership, we are eager to continue providing Professional Services and Support.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and offering new exciting business tools to help you succeed in the ever-changing business environment.



Docs-On-The-Cloud aiCrossroad, LLC, with its unique background as an Amazon Web Service Solution Partner of fourteen years and a Laserfiche Partner, has developed a private cloud offering for Laserfiche VAR's and your customers.

Using Amazon Web Services, aiCrossroad has developed an optimized secured cloud environment to be offered by Laserfiche VARs to their customers, featuring Windows Servers, Automated Window updates, Disk Management, Backups, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Protection, and Server Monitoring.  

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Is a private, virtual server environment optimized for Laserfiche users who do not wish to support on-premise servers. As mentioned the environment is hosted on the world class Amazon Web Services data centers, assuring quality-of-service and reliability.

Once the cloud environment is configured, Laserfiche clients connect by simply registering their server with its unique name (e.g., using our SSL Domain or you have the option to use your customers SSL certificates.

A number of current and potential Laserfiche users have expressed an interest in implementing document management “in-the-cloud”. Since aiCrossroad has developed the convenience of a cloud-based hosted service, you only have to focus on managing Laserfiche, while aiCrossroad will manage the cloud infrastructure. Taking that workload off your team .

Docs-On-The-Cloud Features

aiCrossroad provides an alternate, optimized architecture for Laserfiche users:

• No internal server hardware, disk management or backups to administer.

• No up-front hardware server costs - simply a monthly or yearly fee for the service period.

• No change to your Laserfiche licensing or VAR agreements.

• Includes backup for 30 Days. **Additional days can be purchased if required by your customers.

• Includes secure data transfer.

• Maintains full Laserfiche administration and configuration rights.

• Can have separate instances for Laserfiche and SQL Server.

• Site-To-Site VPN if needed and/or use of our or the clients SSL Certificate.

• Anti-Virus, Intrusion Protection, and Server Monitoring.

• VAR's have full RDP remote access to the cloud servers.

• Transferable, can always be moved back to an on-premise server, if desired after contract fulfillment . 

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aiCrossroad, LLC. will provide a streamlined enrollment for Docs-On-The-Cloud, instance creation, backup management, aka everything AWS Cloud Environment related and we will be here for you and your customers to provide support during and after the provisioning process.

Docs-On-The-Cloud is not offered as Software-as-a-Service. Principal sales and support for Laserfiche will still and always be conducted by you the trusted Laserfiche VAR, who will supply the retail Laserfiche license keys for each instance.

All AWS cloud environments can be purchased on a month-to-month, 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year contracts.